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Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2014: Katherine Dunmill (WA Designer Installation)


Last week, the WA Designer Installation show for the Telstra Perth Fashion Show (TPFF14) presented eight WA designers: Apate, Emily Muco, Bhalo, Catini Designs, Monster Alphabets, Convict, Tindale and Katherine Dunmill. This show was done a bit differently to your typical fashion show when one model walks up and down the runway one at a time. Instead, a series of models  stopped at particular spots on the runway as the lights were dimmed and when they were stationary the lights slowly flickered and came on to spotlight each model. This allowed the audience to observe each outfit quite intently.

This post I’m dedicating to Katherine Dunmill as I have come to love her trademark leather accessories and excited that she is continuing to branch into clothes too. The collection she showed was very feminine with white on white action, pastels and ruffled off the shoulder tops (this will be a huge summer trend!). The added fringing and leather gave it the right amount of texture and edge although still maintaining an overall soft and romantic look.

I’m currently lusting over that white neckpiece – really getting me in the mood for summer!


Welcoming spring at Araluen Botanical park

*Warning: Be prepared for tulip bombardment!*

IMG_0119_2 copy









Is there any other prettier scene than the one spring paints for us year after year? Masses of colours seem to pop out of nowhere along with a rejuvenation of energy as our spirits are lifted from the dreariness of winter.

Days become longer as flowers blossom on trees and carpets the floor. Slow cooked hearty casseroles and thick outer layers are replaced by lamb cutlets, salads and cardigans. Heaters are permanently switched off as we get to bask in the warm but not too hot sunshine.

And personally I love spring because it is the season in which I was born in and the season in which I first became a mother.

And yes that is nearly 4 years ago now. Can you believe Lily is turning 4 in a few weeks?!

Well today in Perth it’s raining but on most days for spring you have to admit it’s beautiful right? And if you haven’t already, remember to catch the last glimpse of the tulips in Araluen this long weekend. They are simply stunning and shouldn’t be missed.


Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2014: Melissa Shoes

IMG_0712 copy











If you follow me on Instagram you will know I’m mad about Brazilian shoe brand Melissa shoes. I’ve also bought pairs for Lily and I’m pretty impressed by their durability as well as being oh so very cute.

On the weekend I managed to take Lily to the Melissa shoes show for the Perth Fashion Festival. This was one of the free events running at the Fashion Central runway in the CBD. Sweet candy scents came down the runway as models held lollypops and showed the latest styles including shoe collaborations with Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld. Creative director and celebrity stylist Philip Boon created a colourful, fun and pop art inspired show with PVC dresses and plastic jewellery.

If you are in Perth, be sure to visit M Dreams – an official retailer of Melissa shoes:
Address: Cnr of Piccadilly Arcade, & Murray St Mall, Perth
Phone: 08 9322 7701

Are you a fan of Melissa shoes?

S x

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Kids Fashion: Little Alannah May (Part 2)







Here are some more gorgeous outfits from Little Alannah May. Lily is wearing the SUMMER dress and Nyla is wearing the BRONTE dress. Lily was especially pleased with this dress when random people from the supermarket came up to her saying how much they liked her outfit!

Remember to check out their opening a new store in Claremont: Shop 5, Old Theatre Lane (opening 20/9). I’ll be giving away a Little Alannah May gift card so stay tuned for more details.

* Thank you to Little Alannah May for the clothes. My family genuinely loves this brand so wanted to spread the love.

Linking up to Practising Simplicity’s 52 portrait a week challenge for 36/52.


S x

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Kids Fashion: Little Alannah May (Part 1)







Last year I came Little Alannah May at a local market. Created by two sisters in Perth, the design duo creates cute and vintage inspired clothing for little girls. Their fabrics are bright and colourful – which kids especially love and Lily usually ends up choosing a Little Alannah May outfit when she dresses herself . I also love the classic features such as Peter Pan collars and floral patterns but with the added quirk and distinctiveness.

Lily is wearing the AIMEE dress and Nyla is wearing the ‘BETTY’ romper. Stay tuned for Friday’s post as I’ll show some other cute dresses from Little Alannah May and details to winning a voucher.

From the 20th September 2014, Little Alannah May is also opening a new store in Claremont: Shop 5, Old Theatre Lane. You can also shop their online store at And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@littlealannahmay) too!

* Thank you to Little Alannah May for the clothes. Previously I have bought outfits for my daughers from Little Alannah May so I genuinely love this brand and wanted to show my support and love.


Personal Style: Questions to ask yourself before purchasing






Vest: MLM (via Emporia Subiaco)
Top: Nicholas (old)
Skirt: Vintage
Accessories: Bag (Mulberry), Necklace (Tatty Divine), Boots (Acne), Sunglasses (Zara – old)

How beautiful are the tulips at Araluen? The tulips are in full bloom and they are so beautiful. I’m wearing my trusty favourite skirt (seen here, here and here) which I got years ago from a vintage shop. It goes to show that fashion doesn’t always have to be ‘fast'; to be consumed, regrammed, retweeted and then to never been worn again. I really love this skirt and doubt I’ll ever part with it.

It’s hard to not fall victim to purchasing new things to cheer us up or to keep up with trends. I admit I do this more than I should, but I’ve been trying to get smarter with my purchasing and believe that you can hold on to items which you will wear again and again without it always being expensive – just timeless and practical.

Here are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself recently (especially if something pricey, e.g. over $200):

– Can I wear it with existing clothes in my wardrobe? (i.e. Can I create at least 3 different looks with this new item?)
– Am I just buying it because it’s the latest thing coming through on my Instagram feed? (i.e. Is it on my ‘Wishlist?)
– Do I have something similar in my wardrobe already?
– Is it worth the time & money if it requires dry cleaning, hand washing or constant ironing?
– Will I have an occasion to wear it? (e.g. I doubt I’ll have reason to buy a ball gown any time soon)
– Will I still be wearing it next year?
– Can I get a similar item for cheaper? Most of the time I don’t want to sacrifice quality or unique design but if it’s not an original item anyway and a cheaper alternative is just as good quality and fit, I’ll go for cheaper.

I first saw this MLM leather vest a few months ago and I waited thinking I was going to the UK/Europe during summer so wouldn’t need it immediately. And luckily it went on sale at a different place (in fact all the items above except for my necklace and skirt were bought on sale) and it got even further reduced so I bought it! So far it’s been the perfect transitional weather gear for Spring.

What questions do you ask yourself before buying clothes and accessories?


Karrinyup Shopping Centre SS14: Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson (They All Hate Us)










Once in a while it is a good idea to check your junk mail. In my case last week I found my invitation to the Karrinyup Spring Summer 14 (SS14) launch and consequently had to frantically RSVP on time!

And good thing I did as mega fashion bloggers ‘They All Hate Us‘ flew in from Sydney to Perth especially for this event. Known for their casual yet stylish trademark cut off shorts, striped tees and ripped jeans, Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton were even more gorgeous in the flesh as I’m afraid their long tanned legs and luscious locks are the real deal!

At the Karrinyup SS14 launch they presented a mini styling session with key trend looks for SS14 available at Karrinyup shopping centre. All with a beautiful floral wall backdrop created by Centre Flowers and live art by illustrator Mekel.

Some key looks I took from their styling session included sheer tops, polka dots, white on white (still in season), the midi flared skirt and sportswear you can wear all day round.

Then afterwards we had a Q&A session and opportunities for lots of photographs. I asked Tash (mother of two boys) how the hell she manages all her work, stays so stylish and still be a mother and wife. She told me she has A LOT of help from family and relies on key reliable basics (e.g plain white tee or striped tee) to get ready quickly.

Click here for a full list of the prices and items in their styling session as well as the fashion parade.

S x

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”A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014″

Lily: You have such a thirst for knowledge that I think you’re so ready for kindergarden although you won’t be starting until next year. It’s so scary thinking that you will be in a a proper school with a uniform soon.

Nyla: Last Sunday you took 10 consecutive steps and now you can’t stop. We are definitely entering the toddler stage now with you officially walking!

Linking up to Practising Simplicity’s 52 portrait a week challenge for 35/52.


S x

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My Family Lens – Milestone (Nyla’s first birthday)

Picture above taken using the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Pinhole Art Filter

This is my third and final post for the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Olympus Challenge #myfamilylens series (see my first post here and second post here). All photographs have been taken using the Olympus OM-D E-M10. Olympus have kindly sent me this camera with the 14-42mm lens to test out for two months. All words, opinions and views are my own.

Nyla you turned one last month, which undoubtedly was a huge milestone for you. It also marks a huge milestone for the family as you grow from being a baby constantly needing our help into an independent toddler. As I pack away the toys which you have outgrown, the same baby toys I’d packed away once before for your sister, I can’t help but think that your first year seemed to have flown by…How can we be closing yet another baby chapter so quickly already? Was it really a year ago when I was shaking and sobbing in the shower at the intensity of emotion and physical pain during the last stages of labour? And was it really just a year ago when I first held you in my arms and then only 15 minutes later you were taken away from me when you suddenly turned blue and stopped breathing?!

As dramatic as it was on your birth day, your first birthday was relatively stress free. I didn’t want a huge party like we did with Lily. Having gone through that and so many other first birthdays now I could already picture what yours would have been like. Adults (without kids) standing around awkwardly and staring at all the kids screaming as their parents are running after them. Your dad would be consoling your sister because she is jealous that it isn’t her birthday and you are getting all the attention. And then there would be me trying to make conversation with everyone and serve food amongst all the chaos whilst holding your hand to relax your nerves of being around so many people. So who exactly is enjoying themselves then??

So I decided to forgo the massive celebration and do something really small just with the family instead. But this didn’t mean we weren’t celebrating – we still wanted to mark the milestone and have a good time. I made a pink ombre piñata cake the day before and without the pressure of a party I didn’t aim for perfection but was really happy with the results. Your aunties made your party hat and I ordered these beautiful big balloons with tassels. We didn’t have to painstakingly make decorations or prepare lolly bags. Easy peasey and the most important thing was that your loved ones were around you and you got to enjoy yourself with our undivided attention.

In your first year we’ve seen the biggest steps in your development from struggling to breathe on your first few days of life to smiling, eating, saying a few words, crawling, standing and now walking. You have been completely different to you sister in terms of your personality and development and it keeps us all on our toes guessing what will be next.

I see a lot of myself in you with your tenacious spirit and commitment to finish everything. You show your love for people as you have loved cuddles from day one and always prefer to be around people. I can see that you might be a bit of rebel with your refusal to take ‘no’ as an answer!

I’m sure the rest of your birthdays will mark significant milestones and the best thing is that we will always share them with you as a family. We love you so much and so grateful to have you in our lives.

Love your Mummy, Daddy and Lily x








I used the loan Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera to take the pictures above and trusted it would take great shots. The Olympus OM-D E-M10 is the latest addition to the Olympus OM-D range, and offers a compact all metal body, TruePic VII, a 16 megapixel Live MOS sensor, a tilting 3inch screen, an electronic viewfinder, and a built in pop-up flash.

The Olympus’ OI Share app enabled my iPhone to control the camera settings such as shutter and aperture. This is such a powerful feature as I could use my phone to have more control over the camera than a standard remote and use the live view mirror to see what the camera sees. I then directly uploaded the pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@SassandSpice My Family Lens: #myfamilylens) via the in-built WiFi. I especially got a lot of love from Instagram so thank you for all the kind comments!

There are 12 art filters which you can see live on the viewfinder so you can preview the filter before taking the shot. I used the pinhole art filter for one of the cake photos (the first picture in this post).

The axis image stabilisation (which allows for a steady handheld shooting experience) and defining the focus easily via the touchscreen helped me capture Nyla even though she was constantly on the move and wouldn’t sit still. My favourite thing about the camera though is that it’s compact and lightweight enough to take anywhere. Especially if one hand is occupied carrying a heavy birthday girl!

I hope you liked the pictures as much as I do! Unfortunately we didn’t end up getting a shot of the family via the Olympus as my sisters and parents were too busy using their own cameras and by the 100th photo Nyla got in a mood! All views expressed in this blog post are my own and are in no way influenced by the loan product as I really love this camera. I’m trying my very best to win it and this is my third and final post. Please let me know what you thought of my three posts. You can see my first post for this competition here and my second post for the competition here.

Thank you to lovely people at Olympus and Kidspot for allowing me to participate in this competition and have the Olympus OM-D E-M10 on loan. I’m so sad to be giving it back! And thank you to all the readers for showing your support and following my journey throughout the competition. I have my fingers and toes crossed!!

S x

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”A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014″

Nyla: You’ve been sick again recently  so you stayed in your PJs all day today…

Lily: Enjoying the tulips yesterday at Araluen. Since you are an outdoor girl, you are really enjoying the early spring sunshine.

Linking up to Practising Simplicity’s 52 portrait a week challenge for 34/52.


S x

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