I’ve been very lucky that all my three girls love being in the car. It was a blessing that they could sleep happily as babies in the car seat even though that might have meant in very desperate times resorting to driving up and down the street!

Since we are often in the car (daily school drop-offs and long road trips on the weekend), we know we cannot compromise on safety and comfort. Maxi-Cosi have been awarded for safety innovation so their car seats are the safest in the market. I had the fantastic opportunity to review their car seats: The Luna and the Moda.

Marnie (19 months) is in the Moda, which has been designed so that it be used as rear facing for a toddler up to 30 months and front facing for up to a 4 year old. My other two girls (4 and 6 years old) are in the Luna which are designed to be forward facing for a 6 month old and up to an 8 year old.

There are two key safety features of the Moda: The GCELL and Air Protect ™. The GCELL is patented crash absorbing technology, which provides a crumple zone for full body protection. The Air Protect ™ offers side impact technology and specifically designed to absorb the side impact forces through the precise release of air.

The Luna also features the Air Protect ™, and it actually has two sets of Air Protect ™ cushions built in so they can be adjusted independently and angled to prevent head roll.

As well as safety, I also love these features:
• Adjustable comfort headrests – now my kids can really sleep in comfort for longer!
• Cool wicking fabric draws moisture away from the child – perfect for hot summer days and easy to clean.
• No twist harness straps – no messing with twisted straps again!

I have now been using these car seats for over a month and it’s made such a difference compared with my previous car seats. Marnie was in my eldest’s child car seat and since the safety technology was more than 7 years old, it only had a 5 point harness and was not designed to be rear facing for a child older than 12 months.

I’m also finding it very easy to adjust the straps to lengthen or tighten depending on what my Marnie is wearing, and this used to very difficult with our previous car seat as it felt like I had to use a lot of strength to just pull the straps!

The booster seats I had for my girls didn’t have any of the technology of the Air Protect™ cushions and since their were no headrests, I doubt they were as comfortable as they are now.

If you would like to learn more about these seats head to the Maxi-Cosi website. Baby Zone are also giving you a chance to win the Moda car seat! Go to their Facebok page for more details – good luck!

*All car seats was gifted for review. This is not a paid post and all opinions, words and views are strictly my own. 

S x

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