Olivia Jones is psychologist, entrepreneur and conscious consumer from Brisbane. Mother of two beautiful children and proud owner of two silly boxer dogs, Teo and Mia. She is passionate about writing and always inspiring her readers to be clever in their lives. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world” and strives to seek healthy and sustainable products for her family. She is also a regular contributor at www.highstylife.com and I’m lucky to have her guest blog about removing toxins in the home – something I’m also passionate about too!

1. Non-toxic cleaning options

Sustainability is an issue on the rise, and many families around the world are trying to find safer, more Earth and family-friendly alternatives to their current lifestyle choices – many of which lead to an alarming level of toxin exposure. As parents, homeowners and conscientious human beings, it’s natural that we’re doing our best to protect our health, and make our environment safer one healthy choice at a time.
Our homes are an ideal starting point for a cleanse, so let’s take a look at a few tried and tested ways you can keep your living space free from toxins as much as possible!

For the longest time, most societies firmly believed that using harsh cleaning products was the only possible way to keep your home free and protect your family from various bacteria and viruses. And while these traditionally acceptable chemicals are often excellent germ-killers, they also pose a threat to your well-being, especially when used over a long period of time.
Your number-one safest choice would be creating your own, homemade cleaners, such as an all-purpose mixture of one-part vinegar in the same amount of water, there are safe products you can also rely on for your cleaning endeavors. Some daily chores can be a bit trickier, such as dishwashing or laundry, but there are other healthy DIY recipes that ensure a toxin-free solution for your own cleaning supplies.

2. Leave toxins at the entrance

Spending plenty of time outdoors is an amazing thing, and by all means, encourage your kids to play and be active as much as possible, but when the time comes to get inside, your home can be exposed to a whole slew of dangerous germs. The simplest solution by far, of course, is to teach your little ones to leave their shoes at the door and change their sweaty clothes immediately.
Then again, you can also introduce a policy for guests to leave the shoes at the entrance and offer them some of your own comfy slippers, although special occasions will probably be an exception. Mud, pollen, dirt, cigarette ash and many other allergens can creep their way inside your home on the soles of your shoes, so keep those soles clean as well.

3. Mother Nature as your fragrance

No one likes smelly bathrooms, and you probably cannot imagine your life without all those shelves brimming with skincare products that smell like heaven. We seem to be addicted to lovely fragrances, so we try to incorporate as many as possible – from soaps, body lotions, moisturizers, all the way to our room fresheners.
Although opening your window might not seem too appealing unless you’re surrounded by a flower garden, fresh air is the best purifier for your home. If you wish for an extra fragrant punch, there are many essential oil diffusers such as Wedgwood, which bring nature indoors with gentle tones of sandalwood mixed with other sweet scents. Apparently, no toxins are needed for your home to gain that rich, nature-inspired aroma!

4. Toxin-free cooking

Non-stick cookware has become quite a hit in the past years, and for a few good reasons, the top one being its practicality and easy cleaning. But in order for a coating to have that non-stick property, especially if it’s Teflon, it needs to contain perfluorinated chemicals, PFC, which are very harmful for our health and the environment.

Your best option is to switch to stainless steel, cast iron, and glass cookware, as they do not contain any chemicals that could harm your health. However, these items are often pricey, so while you’re transitioning, you should at least make sure that you are using your non-stick pots and pans at minimal heat and wash them in accordance with their instructions – lukewarm water and no abrasive sponges.

These are all simple, effective choices you can make over time to minimize your exposure to harmful chemicals, pollutants, and allergens, and keep your home as safe and toxin-tree as possible. It comes down to providing yourself and your family with a living environment that safeguards their health, and a legacy of eco-conscious choices that can change the future for this humble, little planet we call home.

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