You Plate It

As a working mother to three young (and often fussy) children, I have come to embrace my inner ‘Nigella’ less and less. I certainly have not lost my love for cooking, but parenthood along with work commitments leaves very little time in the week to be coming up with loads of creative recipes let alone searching all over town (very much like Pokemon GO) to source hard-to-find ingredients.

So nowadays when my kids ask “What’s for Dinner?” (usually at the top of their lungs), I play it safe. Real safe. I go for meals, which are easy and quick to make. Unfortunately, these type of foods tend to be Spaghetti Bolognaise or Lasagna. They aren’t exactly the most exciting meals in the world but I at least I know that it will end up in their mouths and not on the floor right?

So what if I told you that there is another answer for people who still want to cook but not be relegated to the same mundane meals? Not only that, it also comes with an exciting recipe with all the ingredients delivered right to your doorstep? As my 3 year old would say, “Time for a happy dance!”

You Plate It is Perth’s answer to an amazing home cooked dinner without the hassle of shopping and meal planning. I ordered my first box to be delivered on a Sunday and was excited to try it finally…

You Plate It is a Perth based dinner subscription meal service started by two friends called Mark and Paul. They knew very well the challenges of cooking up interesting food after long hours spent at their work during their time in the corporate banking industry, and believe cooking should be fun and easy but still incorporate nutritious and interesting ingredients.

Customers order online and they get a box delivered to their home full of fresh quality ingredients measured to the exact portions with easy-to-follow recipe cards to cook a delicious and amazing dinner. You Plate It does all the hard work with coming up with recipes and handpicking the best ingredients from local WA grocers and farmers.

You Plate It

Our box arrived in the morning, right before our family were heading out to soccer. By the time we get back home it’s well into the afternoon so that usually only leaves a limited time for preparing and cooking a meal before the dreaded ‘witching hour’ begins with my todder. I was glad that each recipe was estimated to be around 35 minutes with relatively simple cooking techniques (ideal for even beginner cooks) so I knew I wouldn’t be slaving away or pulling my hair out in the kitchen.

I chose two recipes: The Lamb Chapati wraps and the Fish Meunière. I figured I could cook plenty for a family of 5 and have some left over for work the next day. I started cooking the lamb mince for the wraps and while it was simmering away with the vegetables, I began preparing the fish dish.

You Plate It

Usually I wouldn’t attempt to cook two new dishes at the same time but since the recipes were so easy to follow and I had all the right ingredients already measured in front of me I knew there was less chance of me really stuffing it up. And believe me I am likely to stuff things up as once I’ve had disastrous results adding Mexican chill sauce instead of sweet chill sauce, and another time I was so distracted that I put an electric kettle on the hob -unfortunately a true story but I digress…

However, on this night I reigned supreme as both dishes turned out really delicious! I’m not kidding when I say it was restaurant quality and if someone like me can produce something like this (even people who try to cook their kettles) – anyone can! Since the ingredients were so fresh you can really taste it in the food and working out to be around $11 per plate makes it a very affordable option compared to eating dining out or resorting to Uber Eats.

The kids loved the lamb chapatti wraps. They also ate a bit of the fish and even though they didn’t touch the ‘green stuff’ (i.e. silverbeet) at least they got to try it. At the end of the night it was a struggle to find left overs for the next day because we ate so much.

You Plate It

You Plate It offers a variety of different type of boxes. They all offer a choice of seasonally inspired recipes (tailored to the exact quantity you need) and whether you want something as a one time delivery or as a subscription (which you can skip or cancel at anytime). The meals are around 500-700 calories a plate and you are able to select from a range of different recipes where there are a few different meat options, fish options and two vegetarian dishes.

Overall, I loved being able to cook something different and especially loved how confident I was cooking knowing the process of the right ingredients were already taken care of with straight forward recipes. The whole experience was stress free and it was a real positive to save time with meal preparation and cooking. And with recipes like these I did get a chance to bring out my inner Nigella after all!

You can find more about You Plate It on their website: