Summer is officially over here in Australia, but since it’s still pretty hot out here for us, I’m not exactly grabbing a woolly scarf or leather jacket just yet.  I’m embracing the seasonal change early by adopting autumnal colours such as burgundy and deep olives (check out my nail colour!)…but still keeping cool with light materials – preferably sleeveless like this cute Tobi dress (

I’ve styled this dress with white sneakers here but as it gets cooler, I’ll be looking forward to wearing it with some ankle boots.

I’m a late adopter but I’ve finally succumbed to a minimal leather watch. I’ve been looking at one of those Swiss-mechanical-watches for ages since buying my husband one but the particular watch I wanted cost more than a swimming pool, so I knew I had to look elsewhere! Lately I just want everything to be styled easily so something subtle like this Marc Bale watch was perfect – plus much friendlier on the hip pocket too. I also love that I can style a bit more leather into my look since I can’t wear my leather jacket just yet.

Hope you liked my first ‘ootd’ post for 2017 – it has been a while! I don’t think this is going to be the norm since I hate being in front of the camera but…I have some more autumn looks I would love to share, so stay tuned!

Wearing: Trouble Seeker Dress (On sale via Tobi), Marc Bale watch (via Peach Box), Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers, Chanel Bag