We live in an age where we take photos constantly. How simple is it to just pop out our phones from our pockets and snap away? Anyone can do it but yet with the hundreds if not thousands of photos I take of my kids, I still struggle to find something nice enough to enlarge, frame and hang on the wall.

The truth behind my Instagram photos of my girls (shooting my house is 100x easier and less likely to end up with me screaming) is that I have to take dozens of shots to just get the one picture I will end up posting – and most of the time I’m unable to get a decent shot of all 3 of them.

So I jumped at the chance to review the products and service from Viva Photography…and finally be able to get a nice photograph to frame and even gift to my mother and mother-in-law #winning.

I arranged with Viva Photography to have session during school holidays and I entered the lovely studio in Fremantle with dozens of outfits for the girls.  Lily and Nyla made a beeline for the toys in the waiting room. With Marnie sleeping in the pram, and my other two girls playing, I was explained that they will take a series of photographs of the girls together and individually and I will get to choose one picture to be framed.

For the first shots, the girls were sat on a white floor with a white background. I was the most concerned with how Nyla would behave as being a 3 year old she wouldn’t be able to stay still for long, so was glad when the girls got up (well except for Marnie) to jump around and twirl around. This created great effects with their dresses and allowed them to relax and loosen up a bit. Individual shots were then taken and my favourite shot is actually of Nyla pulling a face to be a dinosaur – as this represents her perfectly as she loves a bit of mischief!

We had an outfit change for the next series of shots and these images were taken of the girls together again – but this time they were lying on the floor next to Marnie (who wanted to sit up).

With the last shots, the main lights were turned off with the spotlights on instead and the girls were moved to the back corner of the room with the black floor and black background. I blew bubbles as the photographer clicked away as the girls jumped up and down with with such excitement! The girls were fascinated with catching the bubbles and I felt like they had the most fun with these series of shots.

The staff were great as they entertained and played with the kids and then before we knew it we made our well to a room were the photos were put on the projector for us to view the slideshow of pictures. We went through all the photos and I quickly decided on the ones I didn’t want.

In the end, I decided on the black and white photo with the girls and the bubbles was the one I wanted to be framed! I just loved how their expressions were so natural as their reaction to the bubbles captured on the image is exactly how I would love to remember them at this age… full of delight and wonder!

I’m really happy with how the photographs turned out and I think they all really capture my girls’ dynamic energy and their special bond with each other. Looking at these photos just brings back the giggles and smiles from that day. I just hope we can always look back and treasure these images throughout our lives.

You can find more about Viva Photography here:

Website – https://www.vivaphotography.com.au/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/vivaphotos/