Did you know Australians consume an average 105 litres of milk per person per year (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics), but that amount is still not enough and dairy is actually the second most lacking food group in the Australian diet after vegetables?

My girls aren’t milk drinkers so I have to find other ways to get their dairy intake…and the new Brownes yoghurt pouches are perfect!



This month my girls have been trialling the new Brownes Dairy pouches which comes in 5 flavours: Traditional All Natural, Banana Honey, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Fruit Salad. Brownes is a well respected dairy company based in Western Australia that started in 1886 when Edward Browne first started collecting milk.

My kids loved all the flavours so I was curious to try too. I found it really delicious, thick and creamy (very much like their tub yoghurts) and loved seeing real fruit pieces in them too. There are no artificial flavours or preservatives and it’s also gluten and gelatine free and loaded with live cultures. The Brownes pouches are also great because you can freeze them too!

I find the easiest way to ensure my kids get their dairy intake is to always include a yoghurt pouch in their lunch boxes. I wish we had these way back when I was in school! Who else was like me and used to bring a little tub of yoghurt but would always forgot to bring a spoon?!

Not only do I feel confident buying something which helps my kids increase their calcium intake but also buying a local brand that is supporting local farmers too.

You can find out more about Brownes Dairy here:

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