I first met Kirsty Shorten in East Fremantle which resulted in an hour ‘coffee catch-up’ and a shopping trip down George Street. I found out she used to work in the mining industry (like me) and has now started her own natural home and cleaning products which are safe for kids and pets. I absolutely love her products and asked her a few questions about her products and business…

Please describe what Second Nature Botanicals is all about…

We create stylish natural home and cleaning products for those seeking a greener and more sustainable way to live. We believe wellness in the home starts with chemical-free products that are safe for kids, pets and everyone in the household. We harness what nature offers with all plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils that not only smell amazing but will leave your home sparkling too.

How long have you been running Second Nature Botanicals?

We are pretty fresh and started last year in December just in time for the Christmas rush! Our first market was at Subi Farmers Market and it was super exciting to see people try our products and then buy them.

Describe the moment you decided that it was time to start your own business?

I have always wanted to own my business since I was a kid finding things to make and sell to all the neighbours. Couple this with being very passionate about making natural products and using essential oils for many years and SNB was created. Another huge nudge from the universe was getting made redundant from my FIFO mining job. After testing out all my products on family and friends and getting their feedback it was GO TIME.

Second Nature Botanicals

What makes your products different and special?

Our products are made with consideration for the environment as we choose to package our products in beautiful glass bottles that are refillable making it a zero-waste product. We have also started running workshops to share with people how to create their own beautiful natural products which is very rewarding to educate, inspire and empower others.

What has been the toughest aspect about running your own business?

There are days of course when you think “What the heck am I doing!?” and have to push through those moments of self-doubt because the next day could mean someone contacting me because they’ve seen my products on Instagram and want to stock it in their shop! I try to connect with my reason for running SNB which is to help others live healthier chemical-free lives and this always gets me back on track.

What has been the best thing so far about starting and running your own business?

Getting my regulars that give great feedback but most importantly keep coming back for more of our natural products with their bottles for refills. This is the ultimate. Also I’ve started doing a monthly newsletter sharing ways to live healthier, reduce chemicals, healthy recipes, ways to live more sustainably. I have people coming up to me at my markets saying they love reading my newsletter and have been trying out some of my suggestions. Knowing I’m having a positive impact on someones life is incredibly rewarding! The absolute FREEDOM that comes with running your own business is very fulfilling. Creative freedom. And even though I often end up working weekends with my markets, if I’m working from home during the week I can start my day with a walk or yoga and I am free to catch up with friends or other business owners for lunch or coffee.

You can learn more and purchase Second Nature Botanicals here: and follow them on Instagram here: @secondnaturebotanicals

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