Meet Marnie! She is now 9 weeks and we love her to bits. Both Lily and Nyla adore her and surprisingly they have coped really well with the new addition. The birth went really well and I really do credit hypnobirthing for getting over my initial fear of childbirth and having calm birthing experiences. Read on if you would like to know more about my birthing experience with Marnie…

My contractions started 6 days before my due date and half an hour after coming back from spending the afternoon with Lily at Kmart buying her art supplies. I messaged my husband to tell him I could be in labour and then had to arrange for our friends to come around and stay the night at our place in order for Lily and Nyla to be cared for since my family were all away. After an hour I knew I definitely was in labour so started bouncing on the fit ball during each contraction for pain relief.

At 7pm both my girls were asleep and I was frantically gulping down raspberry leaf tea and trying to relax with the hypnobirthing music. At 10pm, my friends arrived and I was ready to go into hospital. At this stage I was still able to talk normally and even had conversations with my friends before getting into the car.

When I arrived in the hospital I actually requested for the internal exam to see how far along I was as the contractions were about 5 minutes apart at this point. I was 4 cm and after I explained that it was my third labour and how quickly Nyla came they were prepared for a speedy labour. I tried the bath for the first time which wasn’t available for my previous births and it just wasn’t for me as I felt more comfortable standing up at this stage and the shower head could be directed at my pelvis which was experiencing the most pain.

I remember feeling a lack of confidence and frustration directed at that my parents being away, so knew these were the classic signs of the ‘transition phase’ and that the birth was close. My legs were trembling at this point and I was grasping for dear life onto the bar in the shower demanding my husband to direct the water all around my pelvis. After 10 minutes I felt this huge weight down on my bottom so felt the strong urge to push. The midwife calmly suggested I stay in the shower instead of turning off the shower and moving to the bed. This probably alarms most people but after Nyla’s birth I knew not lying down was the best position for me in terms of managing the pain and post delivery recovery.


At 12:38am, after a few pushes, the baby was delivered in my arms before the doctor even arrived! I remember the shower still being on so I had a very quick rinse (quite handy actually) and headed to the bed. I forgot to even check the baby’s gender and when I saw she was a girl I knew we has to call her Marnie as Lily wanted that name if she had another sister.

I loved this birth as there were no interventions and post delivery recovery was fantastic as I didn’t need any stitches. I would have never had thought I’ll be the type of person to have had a birth this way as before getting pregnant with my first I was adamant that I would elect to be knocked out under general anaesthetic due to my fear of childbirth. I’m so thankful that hypnobirthing came into my life.

Our family really does feel complete now and even though I’m constantly getting the question of trying again for a boy, we have decided that three kids is the right number for our family – regardless of the gender of our children.

You can read Lily’s birth story here and Nyla’s birth story here.

S x

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